History In Maidh Kshatriya Society there was need for a national trust in an intension to continue the education of bright students going through financial crisis and willing to study further. In Hyderabad national Maidh meet (Year 1978) proposal for raising education fund for scholarship purpose was accepted but could not functionally materialized. Finally in 1980, decision of taking this Nobel cause forward was taken in Karnataka Maidh Meet at Gulbarga. Along with education, raising fund for Medical help of Maidh society was also finalized. This decision led to formation of Maidh Trust with the help of below members.

  1. Shri Punamchand Varma, Gulbarga.
  2. Shri Suganchand Deval, Bangalore.
  3. Shri Jamnalal Mirandia, Bangalore.
  4. Shri Moolchand Khajwania, Bangalore.
  5. Shri Ramchand Mosun, Shorapur.
  6. Shri Hiralal Parwal, Pune.
  7. Shri Satyanarayan Bhama, Yeola.
  8. Shri Goverdhan Jangalwa, Bangalore.
  9. Shri Dr. Radhakishan Varma, Bangalore.

At first it was decided that medical help and scholarship should be provided out of income from raised funds so that principal amount remains intact for continuous functioning of the trust. Funds were raised mainly from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Maharashtra. Guidelines for providing scholarship, application format was finalized and gradually improved as per needs and experience. Practice of providing education loan was also started but eventually, it was stopped 10 years back due to difficulties faced in the recovery. At present only merit scholarships in the name of great members of maidh society are awarded. Scholarship applications are received from all over india, especially more from Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, Maidh society people were helped financially to undergo treatments like Heart Operations and Kidney Transplants. Many renowned society members declared new scholarships in remembrance of their beloved family members. Today many students, who were benefited from this scholarship program, are employed in many multinational companies in United States, Australia and Europe. Till now 566 scholarships are provided which helped maidh society to develop and improve.

Former Office Bearers

Hiralalji Parwal
Hiralalji Parwal
Hiralalji Roda
Hiralalji Roda
(1988-1990 )
Satyanarayanji Bhama
Satyanarayanji Bhama
Bhikamchandji Badalia
Bhikamchandji Badalia
Jamnalalji Varma
Jamnalalji Varma
Treasurer (1987-1996)
Goverdhanji Varma
Goverdhanji Varma
Secretary (1987-1991) (2000-2006)
Dr. Radhakishanji Varma
Dr. Radhakishanji Varma
Jagdishji Mayach
Jagdishji Mayach
Devrajji Bhama
Devrajji Bhama


Following awards were declared to celebrate the spirit of those society mates who helped society in all possible ways inspite of limited resources.

  1. Shri Narayanprasad Maidh Puraskar, Jodhpur.
  2. Shri Karmavir Dayaram Varma Puraskar, Beaawar.
  3. Shri Shyamlal Varma 'Rajesh' Yuva pratibha Puraskar, Sahranpur.

For felicitating those who have achieved distinction in different areas and honoured Maidh Kshatriya Society with their achievements, this year following "Maidh Gaurav" awards have been started. (Each Award worth Rs. 11000)

  1. Maidh Gaurav Puraskar.
  2. Prof. Narayanprasad Maidh Puraskar
  3. Shri Karmaveer Dayaraja Varma Puraskar
  4. Shri Shyamlal Varma "Rajesh" Puraskar

Members felicitated as Samaj ke Gaurav:

Prof.Narayanprasad Maidh Puraskar

  1. Shri Shyamsundarl Sirdanwal,Agra
  2. Shri Shyamlal Rajesh,Saharanpur
  3. Shri Master Mohanlal Soni,Indore
  4. Shri Satyanarayan Kulthiya,Jaipur

Shri Karamveer Dayaram Varma Puraskar

  1. Shri ganpat Varma,Indore
  2. Shri Nathsingh Varma, Meerut
  3. Shri Satyanaryan Mosun,Hyderabad

Pratham Maidh Gaurav Puraskar

  1. Shri Shilpguru Badrilal Chitrakaar,Bhilwada

Pratham Shyamlal Rajesh-Yuva Pratibha Puraskar

  1. Shri Ankit Shriram Sahadev,Shahbad
  2. Shastriya Sangeet,Pratika

Following students were felicited by "Pratam Chhatra Chhaatra" Awards

  1. Ku.Alka Soni,Indore.
  2. Ku.Kalpana Hiralal Soni,Ajmer.
  3. Shri Omprakash Varma, Ahmedabad.
  4. Shri Rajeshkumar Varma,Rohtak.
  5. Ku.Sangeeta Roda,Pune.
  6. Shri Rajendra Varma,Manwat.
  7. Shi Umesh Sirsiwal,Indore.
  8. Dr.Manoj S.Varma,Mumbai.
  9. Ku.Ekta Soni,Bikaner.
  10. Ku.Bhavana Maidh, Disa.
  11. Shri Kantilal Soni,Godhra.

We feel glad to say that, after 25 Years of service to the society, the trust is now celebrating, "RAJAT JAYANTI". On this Occasion; we would like to remember the people who have contributed to the development of trust and helped us to reach till here ,but they are no more between us .

  1. Shri Satyanarayan, Yeola.
  2. Shri Hiralal,Parwal.
  3. Shri Kanhaiyalala Toswad,Nandurbar.
  4. Shri Jamnalal Mirandia,Bangalore.
  5. Shri Moolchand Khajwania, Bangalore.
  6. Shri Jawaharlal Agroya, Pune.
  7. Shri Gulabchand Agroya,Pune.
  8. Shri Hiralal Roda, Madras.